Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Save One with Every Run

Purpose has been a driving force in my life since the time I was 10.  I remember turning 10, thinking I was old, and wondering what in the world I was here for.  (Yes, I'm a little bit dramatic.)

Since that time I've been looking for purpose in my life.

Over the summer I participated in a fun run and I thought I was to die on the course.  No joke.  Turns out 97 degrees, high humidity and one non-hydrating cup of caffeinated tea before hand, along with no prior history of running do not make a good combination.

After that run, that is now an annual commitment, I made a resolution.  I decided that I was not going to suck that bad at running it next year!  I started to do the couch to 5K program and after 27 runs I started to almost enjoy running. 

But, while making a resolution "not to suck" might be a good reason to run for a time, I've been looking for purpose in it.  I wanted a purpose every time I ran, not just during an occasional race. 

My first (and only run to date) was a 5K benefiting International Justice Mission.  The purpose of the run was to raise money while running for women and girls who can't because they are trapped in slavery and prostitution.  After the run I kept thinking about those girls trapped in bondage and I started praying for them. 

I decided that every time I ran I was going to pray for one girl to be set free from bondage.  I don't know what God will do with that prayer, but I'm going to pray it anyway.  Nothing may happen, except that I'll work off some Reese's cups.  But then again, maybe He'll multiply my prayers.  Woudn't that be amazing? 

My goal is to run 100 times this year.  That's 100 girls if He answers it that way!  And I have to say, it is a lot more motivating to run now that I feel like there is something to gain with each and every run. 

I'm going to keep track on the side bar of how many runs I do in 2013. 

Want to join me?  Let me know if you're interested.  I'd love to know I have some company!

If not, shouts of encouragement are always welcome!  :)